Blacklight And Bubbles

If you are looking to redecorate your room and would like a retro design, blacklights are the perfect accessory. Because they use fluorescent bulbs, they are more economical and will aid in your hydro expenses. They also provide a touch of fun for a normally unappealing room. The following is a review of the Blacklight Fixture with Bulb- 18" that you can find on Amazon and how you can have extra fun when purchased with the Tekno Bubbles - Blacklight Sensitive UV Bubbles which you can also find at Amazon

Why Buy a Blacklight Fixture?

They are good for parties, events, dances, and more. Whether you are having a party for children, teenagers or young adults, blacklights can be enjoyed by all.


Due to being comprised of 60% plastic and 40% electronic components, this is a lightweight product that can be easily moved around, mounted or adjusted with relative ease. It only weighs 1.5 pounds which means that it is light enough for almost anyone to handle without fear of it dropping and smashing.

These are perfect for dorm rooms and such where you are not able to punch holes into the wall when wanting to hang things. These can be mounted with some two sided foam mounting tape which can be easily removed when necessary and will not leave sticky residue on the back of the blacklight.

You will need to mount these directly over an electrical socket though, as the cords are not long enough to extend around the room very far.

This is a really powerful light and can make things glow from twenty feet away. This is great for lighting up day glow items, or even fabrics that have been washed with powdered detergent. It will also add the special touch needed if you are trying to change the décor of the room to look and feel more like a relaxed retro style. This is an excellent product to use for seasonal times such as Halloween as the bulb does not heat up where you can burn your fingers if you accidently touch it or need to move it. It primarily uses a 15w bulb and if you intended to set it up for a school or church dance in a room that will be larger than 10 x 20, you will want to purchase several to get the right effect.

All that is required for cleaning is the use of a damp cloth and a soft swipe over the plastic components and a dusting over the bulb itself.


There are no instructions for how to put the bulb into the fixture but you can accomplish this task by Putting the bulb in through the slots in the fixture, then you need to rotate the bulb slowly until you hear a clicking sound. This will let you know that it is firmly in place and will not fall out. It will flicker for a bit when first turned on but this will soon stop.

Now that you have your black lights set up then now you can have some great fun by buying bubbles that glow in black light.

Tekno Bubbles are Blacklight Sensitive UV Bubbles that you can find on sites like Amazon.

If you have recently purchased the Blacklight Fixture like the one reviewed above, or if you are thinking of buying one and would like to purchase something fun to play with it, these teckno bubbles are just the thing.

What Is It?

It is a liquid bubble solution that comes in a 1 oz bottle. Once under the UV lights, these bubbles will glow a cool shade of blue. It is designed to make invisible light visible to those who cannot see it. While night clubs, amusement parks and other commercial companies have been using this technology for years, it has only recently been made available in smaller quantities for individual and personal use.

How Does It Work?

Tekno bubbles harness the energy from blacklights and help us see invisible light. This is made with a special patented compound with molecules that work to emit visible light after absorbing the energy found in the invisible ultraviolet source found in the blacklights.

What makes It So Special?

When you blow bubbles from this solution, you will not get the usual sticky, soapy residue such as with other such bubble solutions on the market. This residue glows and when it lands on you it smears. You can then write your name or make pictures with the residue and have a good time entertaining the kids or teenagers. This is great for parties, concerts or anywhere you can provide enough blacklight to allow these to glow.

When you finally turn on the regular lighting in your room, you will find that there is no icky, sticky film on your body that makes you want to run into the bathroom and clean up.


Most people find that they are so much fun to play with that they want more. The only complaint is that they do not come in a big enough bottle.